Privacy Policy

TOYOBO STC (the “Company”) understands that the Company is legally responsible for protection of personal information which is provided by you to the Company. The Company sets forth its privacy policy with a strict approach to security in managing and operating this Website as follows.
This privacy policy shall be applied to all your personal information when you provide information to this Website (
You may refuse to provide personal information to the Company, if you so desire, at your sole discretion. In this case, you may be unable to use certain services provided by the Company.

  1. Personal information to be shared

    Copyright to any web page, information, design, layout and logo marks posted on this Website and also the right to trademarks posted thereon belong to the Company or any right holder who may authorize the Company to use such copyright and the right of trademarks, etc. You may only use the Website, provided that you are in no manner in infringement of these rights.

  2. Use of personal information

    Your personal information is only used for the provision of services on this Website. Your personal information supplied to the Company shall be only used for the purposes specified on this Website, and shall not be used for any other purpose without your prior consent.

  3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

    Your personal information supplied to the Company shall not be disclosed to any third parties other than in the following cases.
    1. Your consent of disclosure is obtained in advance, or
    2. The Company delegates the handling of your personal information within an extent necessary to perform the business of the Company with any outside companies which the Company has taken steps to ensure the company is trustworthy.
    3. Your personal information is encrypted to ensure it is unidentifiable.
    4. Disclosure of your personal information that is required by law and the regulations.

  4. Management of personal information

    Your personal information supplied to the Company shall be strictly controlled to prevent it from being lost, deleted, falsified, or disclosed, etc. The Company strives to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) cryptography or other recognized security technologies.

  5. Amendment and deletion of personal information

    You may contact, if you wish to amend or delete your personal information provided to the Company.

  6. Protection of personal information on linked websites

    The Website of the Company provides links to external websites. The Company assumes no responsibility for the protection of personal information on any linked website and for the content of such linked websites.

  7. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rules

    The Company strictly complies with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and any other applicable rules that apply.

  8. Amendment to this privacy policy

    This privacy policy may be amended from time to time to comply with any change in the applicable laws and regulations.

Last update [2008/04/01]