Business Development Planning Division

As a member of the Toyobo Group, Toyobo STC draws not only on the skills of technical development personnel specializing in materials, processing, and sewing but also on its own and Group capabilities to strengthen its marketing activities, product development, and promotional activities.
In addition, Toyobo STC has created a technology support system to ensure excellence in manufacturing activities and thereby win customer satisfaction. Toyobo STC is also aiming to develop various uses of Toyobo’s high-performance materials that are based on its textile processing and garment production technology.

Technology Division

To further expand global sales of the materials and products developed by the Toyobo Group, this division draws on the core technologies and product quality control know-how of the Group to support excellence in the manufacturing of apparel and high-performance materials.

Development Division

This division makes skillful use of the core technologies of the Toyobo Group to develop products with specialized functions and in product planning, principally in the apparel field, and is working to build the base for proposal-based specialty businesses.

Procurement Department

This department procures chemical fiber and grey goods in Japan and from overseas for textile production within the Toyobo Group and provides logistics support for the global development of the Group’s operations.