An ever-changing enterprise

Toyobo STC Co., Ltd. has marked the 10th anniversary of its April 2008 founding, which linked core technologies of Toyobo Co., Ltd. that create high-performance products with the extensive business networks at home and abroad of the now-defunct Shinko Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Since its inception, Toyobo STC has grown into a robust two-way company ? a trading house under the umbrella of a manufacturer that has its own development technologies to convert materials into easy-to-use products.

Toyobo STC’s business environment has undergone drastic changes, but the company is ready to become an ever-changing trading house capable of identifying customer needs and addressing them with its sophisticated technologies for making high-performance products. The bottom line is that Toyobo STC will be able to create new products from fresh perspectives for years to come.


Shigeo Nishiyama